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A strong partner with solid experience

For more than 45 years, DEKO has developed products for interior fitting out of buildings, and today we are a well-consolidated company with an internationally recognised brand. We are one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of partitioning solutions and one of Denmark's largest carpentry businesses specialising in the design of office, business and institution buildings.

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DEKO international

Global leaders

DEKO are global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of sustainable system partitions.

The product range has well-established markets in Europe, Africa and Asia and comprises beautifully designed and engineered components, giving the architect and designer the capacity to achieve ambitious and thought provoking interiors.

The only partitioning company to hold two ETA approvals for partition systems in Europe, and the first company to receive CE labelling for its glazed partition systems, DEKO’s intensive product development continues, pushing the boundaries to provide solutions which are sensitive to the environment, safety and regulation compliant, whilst breaking the mould in terms of the application of glass in interior architecture.

Being a contractor in Denmark as well as an international supplier makes DEKO unique. Continuous product development benefits from our own hands-on experience of DEKO products in a variety of construction applications as well as embracing the wide ranging, international trends provided by our extensive family of distributors. DEKO have recently coupled considerable investment and new technology to design and test an advanced range of fire and acoustic glazed partitions, fully embracing the latest glass technology to create exciting possibilities for construction application.

Internationally DEKO is represented by a network of authorized distributors in more than 50 countries. Each distributor is a specialist in the field of internal fitting out and is fully committed to the highest level of service provision. Trained and supported by an ongoing programme, all DEKO distributors have a long-term relationship with the group and bring a wealth of experience to their clients. Many of the distributors have worked for the world’s top companies and experience, learning, and success is actively shared throughout the group.

Our export department is staffed with highly experienced managers trained to assist customers and distributors at all stages of a project. Our in-house CAD designers provide services in 2D or 3D and the full product range is available as BIM objects.

Our products are certified according to both European and British Standard and DEKO product support information for all standard ranges are already available in RIBA National BIM library, RIBA Product Selector and NBS Plus.

Innovation and documentation

Our focus

Established in 1970, the goal has been to provide high quality solutions and value for our customers, while focusing on both innovation and documentation. We want to be seen as a strong and indispensable partner, who can help to optimise our customers' business. This can only be done if we constantly develop and create products and services that set new standards and make a difference for customers. Products and services are well documented in relation to functionality and quality, so that customers can feel confident in choosing DEKO as a partner.

Our employees are DEKO's most important resource, and they are all driven by high enthusiasm and dedication to making a difference for the customers; ranging from development and production to installation and servicing. They undoubtedly make sure we can live up to one of our most key values in the company - honesty. We always keep our promises!

DEKO's mission

"We optimise our customers' business!"

We want to help ensure value creation for our customers and strengthen their business. That's why we strive to make it easy, fast, flexible, innovative and safe to partner with DEKO.


Whistleblower Platform

In order to obtain transparency and protect DEKO it is important that we are informed of e.g. violence of law and criticisable conditions.

For that purpose we have established a Whistleblower Platform which can be used by our employees, business partners and suppliers.

You may report about a subject by filling in the web form on DEKO’s Whistleblower Platform.

Find more information here: DEKO Whistleblower Platform

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