DEKO FD Fully glazed door

Fully glazed door in aluminium frame

The DEKO FD fully glazed door is a door of minimalist design, which provides maximum light. DEKO FD consists of a 1-layer glazed door leaf that sits snugly in a naturally anodized aluminium frame. Add a little colour to the aluminium frame or the aluminium profiles on the door leaf, and the door takes on a completely different look. The door is available as both a single or double door and can be installed in DEKO's own systems and glazed partitions as well as in other wall types such as concrete, masonry and ordinary plaster walls for example.

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37 dB*


*up to






  • Simple construction
  • Minimalist design
  • Sound-insulating raise-lock rail option
  • Choice of handles and locks

DEKO FD Fully glazed door

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DEKO FD Fully glazed door


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