DEKO FV2 Glass

Glazed folding partition with a high level of sound reduction

Do you need open, light rooms with flexible folding partitions, as much glass as possible and a high level of sound reduction? Then there is no doubt that DEKO FV2 Glass is the perfect solution. DEKO FV2 Glass is constructed individually according to the dimension and sizes of the glazed panels you require, taking into account the size of the partition. The folding partition comes either with single or double leaves joined in the centre. The construction is unique, consisting of aluminium profiles and two layers of glass, which extend right to the edge of the elements. Together the components provide an attractive, maximum glazed area and an impressive 47 dB of sound reduction.

47 dB




80 mm


Specifications & details

DEKO FV2 Glass Fully Glazed 47 dB Unclassified 80 mm 42 kg/m²
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DEKO FV2 Glass

High level of sound reduction

The way this elegant glazed folding partition has been created means that not only does it divide a room in an extremely simple and minimal way; it also contributes to sound reduction of up to 47 dB.

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    Let the light in

    The flexible glazed partitions create a transparent look and easily divide a room into smaller units.

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    Glass on the entire surface

    Two layers of glass are fitted on top of the minimal aluminium frame with no visible screws – this ensures a high level of sound reduction and an elegant look with maximum flow of light, and the same glazed surface on the entire surface of the door.


  • The size of the glazed folding partition is customised to suit requirements
  • Hinged elements for easy operation
  • Built-in door module
  • Film application as required
  • Sound tested
  • Glass to the edge, covering the aluminium frame
  • Safety glass
  • Frames in many colours
  • Easy to clean surface

DEKO FV2 Glass

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