DEKO PD Portal door

Practical flush-design door solution for intelligent rooms

The DEKO PD portal door is a solid wooden door with fixed removable top and side panels that enable discreet integration of smart electrical installations. All visible parts of the door leaf and panels are coated with the same material as standard. Top and side panels are mounted flush with the door on the corridor side, so that the door has a nice smooth surface without visible frames and screws. This provides an unfussy expression with clean, straight lines.

The portal door can be adapted to all DEKO systems and glass partitions or installed in other wall types such as plaster, brick and concrete walls. The door is available as a solid wood or glazed door and is produced to specific module dimensions and door thicknesses, while side panels are available for one or both sides of the door.

The door panel and frame are adaptable and can be finished with many types of wood veneers or painted in the colour of your choice. If you need a particularly tall door, an upper panel is also available with the same finish – a popular solution which, in addition to height, adds even more character to the door.

With documented sound reduction of up to Rw 38 dB and extremely flexible properties, the DEKO PD portal door is an obvious solution for intelligent rooms.

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38 dB*


*up to






  • Options for installation of IT equipment in side panel
  • Multiple dimensions possible
  • Excellent sound reduction
  • Available in all RAL colours as well as a range of wood veneers

DEKO PD Portal door

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