System partition with discreet joints

DEKO PF is a great alternative to a traditional drywall. The profile-free partition has the same framework as DEKO PV, but in DEKO PF the visible layers of gypsum board are finished with long, bevelled edges instead of visible profile joints. This lends the partition a simple look and a discreet character. The partition can be adapted to suit all types of buildings, whatever the needs and requirements.

58 dB*


*up to

EI 60*


*up to

92-144 mm


Specifications & details

DEKO PF 1090 39 dB 42 dB EI 30 92 mm 25 kg/m²
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DEKO PF 1090-213 42 dB 46 dB EI 30 106 mm 35 kg/m²
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DEKO PF 1290 48 dB 51 dB EI 60 118 mm 45 kg/m²
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DEKO PF 1290-213 48 dB 51 dB EI 60 118 mm 45 kg/m²
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DEKO PF 1490 53 dB 58 dB EI 60 144 mm 50 kg/m²
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Profile-free partition with a minimal look

The system partition can be adapted to suit all types of buildings, whatever the needs and requirements. This is a perfect choice if you want a complete partition that is prefabricated, strong and installed in a single working session.

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    Durable surface

    As standard all the gypsum partitions have various types of washable vinyl surfaces. The durable surfaces provide a long service life. That means there is no need for painting. As an alternative, we can provide the DEKO PF partition with an application of primed felt or woven textile, as on traditional drywalls.

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    Doors and glass as needed

    The matching range of glass and doors makes it possible to use the same basic structure when installing doors and glass.


  • A discreet, long bevelled edge
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reusable
  • Easy to incorporate doors and glazed modules
  • Several different types of surface to choose from
  • Pre-treated, durable, washable surface
  • Primed felt or woven textile
  • Built-in skirting boards at floor level and surrounds for doors and glass
  • Whiteboards, shelves and boards can be hung using plugs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Demountable
  • Indoor climate certified
  • CE-marked
  • Fire-rated
  • Sound tested


Uniform structure

This modular profile partition has a structure of galvanized steel profiles, which form a base, whether you are installing gypsum, glass or doors. In combination with the rest of the structure, this invests the partition with great strength and makes it easy to incorporate the modules you want.

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    Narrow aluminium profiles

    DEKO PF is constructed with narrow aluminium profiles, where the partition meets ceilings, floors and adjoining walls, lending the partition an elegant finish.

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    The joints with a discreet, bevelled long edge gives the partition a clean, uniform look.



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