DEKO TD Solid timber door

Solid timber door in aluminium frame

DEKO TD is a solid wooden door that meets stringent fire-protection and sound-insulation requirements, yet is easy to integrate into all office environments and furnishings owing to its discreet finish. The door consists of a solid door leaf that is mounted in a naturally anodised aluminium frame and is available as both single or double doors. The door comes in a whole range of formats, colours and finishes and can be installed in DEKO's own systems and glass partitions as well as in other wall types such as concrete walls, brick walls and ordinary plaster walls, for example. Add a matching panel above the door leaf to create a different expression and design.

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42 dB*


*up to

EI 60*


*up to

92 - 222 mm



  • Meets stringent demands in relation to sound insulation and fire protection
  • Multiple dimensions possible
  • Adaptable
  • Available in all RAL colours

DEKO TD Solid timber door

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DEKO TD Solid timber door


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