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Doors are not just a means of getting from one room to the next. They should also be an integrated part of the furnishing as a whole and complement the design of a room. DEKO’s range of doors extends from fully glazed doors of minimalist design to high-performance solid doors that are only produced in house. For most solutions, DEKO Doors are based on a unique aluminium frame system which, in addition to an elegant appearance, is distinguished by its strength and stability.

DEKO Doors can be installed in DEKO's own partition systems or other types of wall, including concrete and masonry walls as well as ordinary plaster walls. DEKO Doors are available in countless formats, colours and finishes, and they meet all necessary requirements relating to design, sound, fire protection and function. The door’s flexible construction, moreover, allows the same door type and design to be used throughout a building’s interior.

Below, you’ll find a little inspiration as to how DEKO Doors can be mounted in other systems than DEKO’s. If you want to see the doors mounted in DEKO's own partition systems, use the menu on the left or click on the individual doors in the 'DOORS' menu.

40 dB*


*up to

EI 60*


*up to

72-230 mm



  • Uniquely elegant frame system
  • Various frame depths: 72-230mm
  • Sound-rated doors
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Elegant DG glazed doors
  • Pivot-hinged glazed doors
  • Sliding glazed doors
  • Wooden doors in many colours and surfaces
  • Glass framed doors of wood
  • Glass framed doors of aluminium
  • Single or double doors
  • Flexible structure and installation
  • Standard and individual sizes
  • Can be used in all types of partitions
  • Cleanable surfaces
  • Indoor climate certified by 3rd party
  • Reusable

DEKO Doors

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