DEKO DG Double glazed door

Style and sound classification in one

The DEKO DG door is a stylish glass door built from 2 layers of clear safety glass mounted on an internal aluminium frame. With no visible screws, the door has a beautifully slick finish. Choose between fully transparent or tinted glass. The DEKO DG door has a sound insulation value of up to Rw 42 dB, which is the highest on the market for glass doors. It is available as both single or double doors and, like our other doors, can be installed in all types of walls.

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42 dB*


*up to






  • Exceptional sound reduction
  • Exclusive design
  • Available in all RAL colours
  • Choice of hanging options and handles

DEKO DG Double glazed door

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DEKO DG Double glazed door


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