DEKO AG Aluminium glass framed door

Fire door in aluminium with glass inset

DEKO AG is an aluminium framed glazed door that meets stringent sound-insulation and fire-protection requirements. The door has an industrial appearance since the door-leaf frame and doorframe are both constructed of aluminium. The door leaf features a large glazed inset. The door is available as both a single or double door and can be installed in DEKO's own systems and glazed partitions as well as in other wall types such as concrete, masonry and ordinary plaster walls for example.

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44 dB*


*up to

EI 60*


*up to

86 - 118 mm



  • Meets stringent demands in relation to sound insulation and fire protection
  • Multiple dimensions possible
  • Robust quality
  • Tolerates ‘heavy traffic’
  • Smoke classified Sa and Sm

DEKO AG Aluminium glass framed door

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