Panel wall with individual stacking of sections

Flexibility is the hallmark of all our products. DEKO MV is the perfect panel wall for division into various, smaller units, wherever there is a need for flexible, individual formations and parking. The individual sections are operated separately. This provides a wealth of parking options: for example, in niches or separate rooms. DEKO MV is also the optimal solution when a high level of sound reduction and fire safety is called for, and for large-scale partitions. The flexible size, look and number of modules in the panel wall are customised for each project, so the panel wall comes across as an integral part of the rest of the interior.

60 dB*


*up to

EI 60*


*up to

82-120 mm


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A flexible partition solution that complies with both sound and fire requirements

The panel wall is constructed around a specially designed structure of aluminium, environmentally friendly wooden panels and insulation, which, combined with the mechanical seal where the panels meet the top track and floor, make it possible to achieve sound reduction of up to 60 dB. The panel wall is also fire-rated as EI 30 and EI 60.

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    Discreet parking

    The continuous track system is produced individually for each project, which means the panel wall can be parked more or less wherever you want.

  • 2

    The surface of your choice

    The sections can either be spray painted in a colour of your choice or coated with other types of surfaces: for example, laminate, melamine or wood veneer, or special surfaces with sound-absorbent properties.

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    The sections are pushed into each other and locked individually with cremone bolts. Each panel is thereby fixed between the floor and the ceiling with rubber strips, which help to make the wall tight and stable.


  • The number and size of the modules are customised for each project
  • Many options for discreet parking
  • Easily cleanable surfaces
  • Individual surface finish
  • Fire tested up to EI 60
  • Option of incorporating doors in one or more sections
  • High level of sound reduction
  • Several types of glazed panels
  • Low weight
  • Thin elements
  • Manual operation
  • Semi-automatic closure
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Height up to 14.50 m


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